Should boys get the HPV vaccine?

Q: My teenage daughter got the HPV shot. Should my son get it as well?A: The vaccine against HPV infection was initially created for females under the age of 26 to reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Human papilloma virus, or HPV, has been shown to be the cause of virtually all cervical cancer cases in women. …

Come prepared to a psychiatric evaluation

There are several paths to facilitate wellness for those with mental illness. Seeing a psychiatrist for medication is often part of the process toward improved health and well being. You do better when you're prepared for the visit.Have you ever had …

Ask the Doctors: Coping skills combat stress of infertility

Q: My husband and I are trying to have a baby, but we're having problems conceiving. Could my stress be to blame? A: First, let's consider a couple of statistics, specifically as they relate to women. The federal Centers for Disease Control and …

Vietnam inspires a healthy chicken salad

Call it a resolution or just a last-minute attempt to button your pants, but come January, many of us strive to put the cookies behind us and make thoughtful food choices. But one sure-fire way to find yourself off track on a healthier eating plan …

'Oxford Companion to Cheese' leaves few holes in story of ancient food

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Cheese is far more than something slapped on a sandwich or sprinkled on top of a pizza, according to a new reference book edited by a Vermont professor.The more than 850 entries in "The Oxford Companion to Cheese," from …

Bruschetta, 3 ways, for a satisfying main dish

There are few dishes more elemental and satisfying than bruschetta. A mainstay at many Italian restaurants, it's an appetizer comprising slices of grilled bread adorned with any number of toppings.I like to make bruschetta on my stovetop grill at …
Thom Smith | Naturewatch: Annual bird counts inventory birds in Berkshire County

In my Dec. 25 column, I was hoping for birds from the far north to invade our area, though thus far I have heard nothing of the usual erratic species that surprise us in large numbers some years and are all but absent others. I anxiously waited …

Stargazer: Sirius - a stunning celestial sparkler

Stargazer: Well, that's a star of a different color!

Thom Smith | Naturewatch: Wire may deter birds from roosting on awning

There's more to poinsettias than their showy leaves

Mind your Manners: What should you do when someone passes away? Call, write and show up

One of the most difficult, yet profound steps one can take when someone passes away, is to pay their respects to the family of the deceased.Recently, I experienced the passing of my mother. My heart overflowed with gratitude by all the cards, calls, …

Give your appliances some TLC in 2017

You Asked: Why blast those train horns at night?

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