Letter: GMP rate hike more like rate heist

To the editor:

So Green Mountain Power wants yet another rate hike? The Public Service Board should make it a condition of approving the rate increase, that GMP President Mary Powell disclose her levels of annual and deferred compensation, and her GMP stock options. This situation is no different than Democrats in Washington rightfully demanding that our so-called President Trump release his tax returns, as a condition for considering tax reform.

It is also disappointing that the Rutland Herald once again plays the lap dog to GMP. Ms. Powell gets an audience with the GMP editorial board, and the Herald reflexively comes out with a glowing editorial all but endorsing the rate hike. The Herald would serve all of us better if it more critically scrutinized whether this GMP rate hike — as with past GMP rate increases — is truly necessary, or uses "uncontrollable cost pressure from transmission, regional capacity and metering costs", whatever that means, — which the Herald regrettably failed to clarify — as justifying the rate hike.

Lastly, GMP rate payers should never forget that the company reneged on its promise to repay $21 million in a 2001 emergency rate hike which the Public Service Board granted under pressure. With this in mind, any future GMP rate hike ought to be viewed instead as a "rate heist".

— Bradley D. Myerson

Manchester Center


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