Letter: Maybe Bennington town officials should resign

To the editor:

Unfortunately, another disappointing news article about how inept our town government in Bennington seems to be.

It should not have been a surprise to the administration or the Select Board/Water Board that we have had this problem with the water treatment plant. We've known about it for years. But our administration has a bad habit about deferring maintenance on our water problems.

Can anybody remember Water Superintendent Terry Morse telling us a few years ago that our pipes in our downtown were ready to pop at any time? Has our town manager been honest with our lead pipe problem? And now we've been fined on our water treatment plant and we're holding a special bond vote in October. Why didn't we hold that vote in March?

Was it because the Select Board and the Town Manager wanted the new town garage to the tune of about $3 million? And if they put in the $10-12 million for the water treatment repairs, were they afraid that they wouldn't get their garage?

And by the way, the $15,000 fine that the state levied on Bennington because we neglected to fix the water treatment problems may cost us another $2,500 for a special bond vote because that's what a special election costs these days.

What is our town staff doing? Why is the town staff working so hard and devoting so much time and money to this Greenberg project which is supposed to be a private ordeal with benefits for the public when we don't even know how much money the private side has invested?

Shouldn't the staff concentrate on running this town? That's what they're getting paid for. This Select Board in my opinion needs to smarten up. They're not volunteers, they're elected officials. If they can't get the town's business done in two meetings a month, start having four meetings a month.

If they can't figure it out maybe they or someone else in town government should resign.

— Mike Bethel



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