Letter: Recreational marijuana a tremendous mistake

To the editor:

While I support medical marijuana, for Vermont to legalize recreational marijuana in my opinion would be a tremendous mistake.

I have witnessed the devastating effects that recreational marijuana can have on friends and acquaintances throughout my life. Inhaling smoke is intrinsically terrible for your lungs. I have seen people become dependent, smoking greater and greater quantities while amassing negative health effects.

In addition, to legalize recreational marijuana, in my opinion, would fundamentally involve Vermont sending the wrong message of validating intoxication and recreational altered states. Moreover, it sends the wrong message to kids, particularly amidst the opioid crisis. We should want to engender and promote kids choosing healthy recreational outlets and options.

In contrast, medical marijuana appears to have clear medicinal value that can help a lot of patients with certain maladies. The right to medical marijuana should be protected as a beneficial medical option. However, recreational marijuana is a very different thing. Make your voice heard to oppose the legalization of recreational marijuana in Vermont.

— Spencer Crispe



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