Letter: Roundabout at Bennington College not needed

To the editor:

The roundabout planned for Bennington at the end of the Silk Road near the entrance to Bennington College is a foolish waste of money. Since the college has it's gateway across Route 67A at the end of the Silk Road and Rice Lane heads north, the intersection is confusing. There is no traffic light for some reason. That is what's needed, not another roundabout. The new one at the entrance to Walmart and Price Chopper is bad enough without adding more of the same. Drivers are speeding through these traffic circles and confusion as to right of way is a problem. A simple traffic light that will stop cars on Route 67A and allow the cars from Silk Road and Bennington College to cross the highway is the solution. No huge construction project is required and it will solve everything.

— George Kelly



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