Letter: Shaftsbury board should clean garage site

To the editor:

Shaftsbury's Select Board forgot to clean up site on Green Up Day.

The new town garage site off North Road in front of the transfer station has such a mess in front and (around the) sides of the old green trailer that is to be torn down.

I have asked many times over the last year to have the lot cleaned up outside just to have the town obey the zoning law on garbage on your property. If you had the mess the town would be right on top of you to get it cleaned up.

The board did say they put debris in piles on the property. Why wouldn't they put it in a Dumpster to take it off the site. It seems so unfair to the people to have such a mess on the property for so long without more clean up effort.

As with most boards they make the rules, they don't follow them.

— Ed Corey



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