Letter: Yes, play the "Bernie Card"

To the editor:

Before I read the article I thought that someone in Vermont tourism had latched onto a brilliant scheme: Hype the Bernie/Vermont connection and get busloads of Berniecrats to the Green Mountain State.

I do not know what Mr. (Don) Keelan is so bitter about but, bitter barely describes Keelan's attempted smears and slurs about Bernie and Jane Sanders. I thought I was reading something by David Brock, a notoriously vicious and unprincipled fundraiser with the Clinton Campaign.

Contrary to what Mr. Keelan thinks, Bernie, who garnered over 13,000,000 votes, is the reason why a lot of people might want to visit Vermont. I recommend business owners take note and "play the Bernie card."

— Charlotte Scot

Old Lyme, Conn.


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