Tuesday, March 14

Manchester School Board:
Manchester Elementary-Middle School, Jackie Parks Room, 6:30 p.m. Agenda: 1. Call to order 2. Public Comment 3. Board Organization a. Elect chair b. Elect clerk c. Elect three BRSU board representatives d. Elect Support Staff Negotiations Committee representatives e. Authorize chair to sign previously approved contracts f. Appoint truant officer g. Designate agenda posting locations h. Designate newspaper i. Establish stipend payment date j. Discussion/Action - Proposed Board Meeting Dates k. Discussion/action - authorization to sign orders 4. Recommendation to approve minutes a. Manchester - regular meeting - Jan. 3, 6:30 p.m. 5. Report of the Superintendent of Schools a. Discussion/Action - Green Space Project Next Steps 6. Report of the Principal 7. Appointments/Resignations a. Discussion/action - recommendation for co-principal contracts (executive session requested) b. Discussion/action - recommendation for hire for teacher - Rebecca Bonnett c. Discussion/action - recommendation for hire for Teacher - Karen Hebert-Mayne d. Discussion/action - teacher hire recommendation for 2017-2018 (To be brought to meeting) 8. Other business a. Discussion/action - executive session for personnel 9. Directors orders 10. Adjournment

Wednesday, March 15

Arlington School District Board:
Arlington Memorial High School Library, 6 p.m. Agenda: I. Reorganization of the Arlington School Board 1. Elect chairperson 2. Elect vice-chairperson 3. Elect clerk 4. Elect three BVSU representatives 5. Designate newspaper 6. Designate legal services 7. Designate School Board member to approve budget transfers 8. Designate School Board member to approve AP and Payroll 9. Designate signer for warrants 10. Committees: Facilities, Policy, Technology, Negotiations 11. Set regular board meeting schedule 12. Schedule annual retreat/work session 13. Designate places for posting meeting agendas and minutes 14. Review and adopt Code of Ethics 15. Agree to use Robert's Rules II. Consent Agenda 1. Minutes of Feb. 15 2. Warrants III. Public Comments IV. Administrative Reports 1. Fisher Elementary Report 2. AMHS Report 3. Superintendent's Report V. New Business 1. School Choice Guidelines 2. Field Trip Approval VI. Old Business 1. Facilities Project Next Steps VII. Contracts/Hiring/Resignations VIII. Executive Session Next Meeting: Regular Meeting March 22. Negotiations Mtg. March 23. IX. Adjournment

Monday, March 20

Sunderland Select Board:
Sunderland Town Hall, 6:30 p.m. Agenda: 1. Call to order 2. Introduction of those present 3. Organization of Select Board, chair, clerk, road liaison, ISWAP/SWIP liaison, insurance liaison, Green Up liaison, police liaison, secretary to the select board, 4. Approval of minutes from Feb. 20 and March 6 meetings 5. Reports from road liaison and/or highway foreman. 6. Audit - review results/discussion 7. Appointments: Newspaper of record, Date and time of select board meetings, town legal counsel, animal control officer/pound keeper, emergency management coordinator, health officer, service officer, tree warden, webmaster, zoning administrator, Planning Board appointments, Zoning Board appointments, BCRC representative, Open select board seat - Decide on making appointment at April 3 meeting. 8. Discussion about junk violations in town and the approach for the ZA. 9. Review of bills and signing of select board orders. 10. Review of correspondence


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